Discovering Ideas Has Never Been Easier

Welcome to Syllaby! We’re excited to show you just how simple it is to generate fresh content ideas right from our Discovery page. With Syllaby, getting started with your content strategy has never been faster or more insightful. Let’s dive in!

Getting Started

To generate your first set of ideas, simply head to the Discover Ideas page. Here, you’ll enter a keyword or short phrase related to your business or industry. Want some examples? Try “real estate marketing” if you’re a realtor, “restaurant catering” if you own a cafe, or “dental services” if you’re a dentist.

Once you enter your keyword, click “Discover Ideas” and get ready to be impressed! Within seconds, you’ll see a list of the top questions people search online related to your input. You’ll see questions like “How to market a new home listing?”, “What types of foods to offer for catering?” and “Why is my tooth sensitive?” Syllaby analyzes search data, patterns and popularity to surface the ideas with the most potential.

Powerful Data Insights at Your Fingertips

But that’s not all – each idea is packed with useful data and analytics to help you make the best content decisions. See monthly search volumes to understand audience sizes. Cost-per-click values tell you the estimated commercial value of keywords. Competition levels let you pick topics with less saturated markets. You can even spot trending questions on the rise.

With insightful data for each question, you’ll know exactly what resonates with buyers and patients. You’ll spot untapped opportunities and avoid wasting time on low-potential topics. Imagine how much faster and more targeted your content strategy will be with these powerful insights in your corner!

Once you find an idea you want to pursue, simply click the “Create here to Generate Content for this Idea”.

This is where the real magic happens. Syllaby will now generate your script within 60 seconds or less.

Syllaby handles the heavy lifting. Select your preferred language, length of video, style and tone for your video and click “Generate Script”. Then let the AI whip up a draft script for your piece in seconds. Customize and refine the script, then generate scripts in various useful formats – like explainer videos, how-to articles and more!

With Syllaby, you can auto-generate videos on the fly using AI avatars! Select your avatar, choose a background and hit create – within minutes you’ll have a professional looking video without stepping on camera. Once ready, schedule drafts straight to your social channels and track performance all in one place.

Simplified Creation, Scaled Results

Gone are the days of writer’s block or struggle to stay consistent. Syllaby streamlines your content operations so you can scale faster than ever before. Generate new material daily, weekly or monthly – all with minimal effort on your part. Stay top of mind with readers while reclaiming valuable time for other money-making activities.

Focus On Your Goals

Whether you’re looking to establish thought leadership, increase customer acquisitions or just boost brand awareness – Syllaby gives you the fuel to get there efficiently. With optimized content matched to buyer intent and evolving market demand, you’ll engage audiences at scale and move them seamlessly down the funnel.

Imagine how much more you’ll achieve when your pipeline is primed with highly-targeted, AI-assisted content on tap. Let Syllaby tackle the ideation, creation and publishing drudgery so you can focus fully on growing your business!

Unlock Your Creativity

While Syllaby handles the bulk of content generation, personalization is still important. AI is no substitute for human flair and industry expertise. Syllaby understands this, which is why customization plays a key role. Every outline, script and video can be fine-tuned to properly represent your brand character and tone of voice.

Don’t just take AI’s suggestions as-is. Make each piece uniquely yours by adding personal anecdotes, signature wording and custom visuals. Syllaby seamlessly blends automated scalability with human creativity for dynamic results you’ll be proud to publish. Consider it an AI collaborator rather than a replacement – maximizing what technology can do to magnify your individual strengths.

Ready To Discover The Possibilities?

Are you excited yet to see what moneymaking and brand-building ideas Syllaby uncovers for your business? We thought so! Stop guessing at what resonates with clients and patients. Let analytics and AI reveal precisely what inspires them to hire you, buy from you and follow your expertise.

Transform stale content strategies into well-oiled publishing machines. Generate consistent conversations that convert cold prospects into loyal advocates. With Syllaby, every posting is impactful and each new campaign is a success. Give us 2 minutes to enter a keyword and unleash this discovery power for yourself today – we can’t wait to show you what’s possible!