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Social media is hard, but you know you need it for your business. Syllaby helps you create a content strategy for social media in minutes.

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Syllaby Digital Twin Avatars

Say goodbye to bland content! Our Digital Twin, an AI-powered avatar, crafts and delivers engaging video narratives tailored to your industry. Stand out and captivate your audience effortlessly!

Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results

Topics for YOUR Industry

We built Syllaby for you based on our repeatable process for crafting a content strategy that works across TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels!

AI Script Generator

Stop stressing about what to say in your videos! Use our AI script writer to write viral scripts based on the topics that work in your industry!

Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is one of the hardest parts of content creation. With syllaby, our content calendar will hold you accountable to make sure you are posting!

AI Video Creation

Effortlessly create professional videos with AI: automated editing, scene transitions, text overlays, voiceovers, and stunning visual storytelling.

Here’s what people are saying about

Here’s what people are saying about Syllaby

Built by experts

Syllaby is crafted by expert team with collaborative efforts, and meticulous attention to detail.

Numerous success stories

Ample people are using Syllaby for social media marketing and video generation which actually generating success.

Based on market research

Our experts have harnessed extensive market researches and been building Syllaby allowing users to create effective content easily.


Our team’s expertise is helping produce something which is very easy to use in terms of creating and publishing social media content.

Enhanced accessibility

Syllaby has always been able to reach out to a larger audience with its enhanced accessibility to add up to the success.

Customer centric

We put our customers at the center of everything we do, striving to exceed their expectations and build long-lasting relationships.

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Let’s answer some of your frequent questions

Syllaby is an AI-powered tool that streamlines the process of creating viral social media videos for businesses by assisting with ideation, content scheduling, outline and script generation, and even avatar-based video creation. It offers a systematic workflow tailored to various industries, along with features like an organizational content calendar and in-tool tutorials, making video marketing more accessible and efficient.

Yes! You can select your preferred style, tone, and script length, and our AI will generate a script that fits your specifications.

Yes, you can export the videos in different formats and share them directly to social media platforms or with a shareable link.

Syllaby can be used by businesses, marketers, sales agents, content creators, and professionals in various industries looking to create and run successful video marketing campaigns on social media. Its functionality is designed to support video content creation across a wide array of topics, making it versatile for different users.

You get to boost your passive income every time you refer Syllaby.

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