Top Text-to-Speech AI Avatars

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June 22, 2023

In this article we’re going to talk about the best text-to-speech AI avatars on the market. But first, let’s talk about the changing ways we’re seen on the internet, as the filter-obsessed public is now embracing AI avatars. What does that mean for the future? 

AI Avatars Vs Beauty Filters​

What is beautiful and what isn’t? This has been in question ever since the dawn of social media  and the invention of beauty filters. And while most filters are meant to enhance beauty, some completely change the look of a person’s face. This challenge is further magnified when we consider the impact of filters on the image we project to the world, particularly in relation to our profile picture. In the near future, the traditional profile pictures we use online will undergo an even bigger transformation, one that gives way to a more interactive and dynamic form of self-representation: AI avatars. While people sit and debate the use of beauty filters, the truth is, technology is already onto the next thing. So, let’s move on and talk about the “next thing” – AI avatars. 

So, What is an AI Avatar?

AI avatars are already a part of our lives. They are used in the creation of video game characters, virtual assistants and the stickers you see on social media. Their primary objective is to embody the characteristics of a person and to enhance the human-like quality of a given interaction. As internet content evolves from static to dynamic, avatars are at the forefront of this transformation. Some believe that in the coming years, everyone will have a three-dimensional avatar to serve as their digital persona. What do you think? 

For now, the range of AI avatars is primitive yet incredibly diverse. Some avatars exhibit hyper-realistic features, others can be completely customized. Now, let’s talk about the best text-to-speech AI avatars on the market and how they can help you on social media and beyond. 

Best Text-to-Speech AI Avatars

Text-based content creation has become more accessible with the advent of ChatGPT. However, the demand for written material has decreased, giving rise to text-to-speech avatars. These avatars add personality to videos and offer the option to create custom AI avatars. Let’s discuss some of the best. 

To make the most of the AI Video Script Generator, it is essential to plan in advance. That’s why Syllaby has built in planning mechanisms, including a content planning calendar. When you plan ahead your job is made easier and you can tweak the AI-generated script to perfection. 

Syllaby is the #1, premier text-to-speech AI avatar on the market, offering a plethora of features that significantly elevate your social media content creation strategy. At the heart of Syllaby is our text-to-speech AI avatar, which we call our “Digital Twin” feature. This revolutionary tool has transformed the way you can create content, holding special value for those who feel hesitant in front of the camera or just prefer not to appear personally in videos. We are excited to introduce this latest addition, which rivals the offerings of while also providing a wealth of supplementary advantages. We say Syllaby is the BEST text-to-speech AI avatar on the market because it comes with so much else to offer. With Syllaby you can identify, create, and customize a winning social media content strategy within minutes. 

‍Syllaby is holding a free trial now. You can use it by going to Syllaby – AI Video Script Generator and creating an account.  

Synthesia has a library of more than 200 diverse avatars with the ability to speak in more than 120 languages, voices, and accents. The majority of these AI avatar generators follow a similar process: you type text and then select an AI presenter. You can either write the script yourself or you can have one generated for you. It’s that easy. That’s the way Synthesia works. That’s the way Syllaby works. That’s the way they all work. Your avatar will then articulate your script in various languages, tones, and voices. The simplicity of the process is complemented by additional video editing capabilities, enabling you to craft truly unique and captivating content. 

Colossyan specializes in text-to-speech avatars and offers access to a wide-ranging library of over 30 AI avatars proficient in more than 70 languages. Notably, Colossyan stands out because it allows users to customize their avatar’s age and emotions with a single click. Like the others on this list, you simply type in content or have some content generated. 

While D-ID provides a range of AI avatars, we recommend utilizing it specifically to create cartoon avatars. That’s because it is the truly unique selling point of D-ID. Just like with other AI generators, these avatars are exclusively made by AI, based on your text input. You can either put in the text or have some text generated for you. With a selection of 119 languages and accents, a notable feature we appreciate is the ability to customize the style of your chosen voice. For example, you can shout or whisper, or even be sad, happy, or excited.

Want to Know More About Syllaby?

We think Syllaby is a unique offering because it includes the revolutionary “digital twin” feature, which is essentially AI avatar generation – and so much more. While Synthesia offers AI avatars in many different accents and languages, Syllaby goes above and beyond, providing an array of additional functionalities that have to do with social media content creation. 

Not only does Syllaby serve as an AI script generator, but it also excels as a content calendar planner, a social media strategist, a niche identifier (with the keyword research feature), and more. 

Currently, Syllaby is offering a FREE trial, and we encourage you to seize this opportunity by signing up now.

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